Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tunes of late

We all listen to music for various reasons.
To relax
To connect with an emotion
For fun
To cry and find a better understanding
To feel and understand

Really, it's a very personal thing, no?
A tune can take us so far back to a memory of singing in choir at school as a small child...
That first dance at the wedding ceremony...
The last beloved tune played at the funeral for a love one...

Of late, I really been appreciating music a lot more, it helps me drift somewhere peaceful and reading lyrics helps me feel not so alone. Some else else has felt the same way you did, enough to write a song about it. And nostalgia for tunes of my childhood and growing up...just for that awesomeness!

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
You just gotta love that beat! Your feet just start dancing before you know it!

Fallin' and Flyin' - Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell
Last night I watched Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges who was a washed up country singer who is very much lost in booze and drifting on the road playing in run down, back road places until he meets a journalist who inspires a change in him....the film is so much better than I just described it. I watched it, not expecting much apart, knowing that Jeff Bridges would do a stellar job but the film just blew me away. Simple plot line but stunning cinematography and beautiful music and the fact it won two oscars - well deserved.
 I'm very much a closet country music fan, nothing I love than to hear the guitar at its best telling the whole story with its riffs and strings and the voice at it's humble but emotional best.
Give this song a whirl, I'm very impressed at how Bridges and Farrell sounds in this lovely little song...the chorus just steals it for me!

Shine Your Light - Robbie Robertson
Another song from another movie which is Ladder 49. I love the son which featured at the very end of the film and the scene in which is plays is very poignant especially with lyrics like "Saw a shooting star, like a diamond in the sky, must be someone's soul, passing by." its easy to see the beauty of this little song.

 Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

I got a secret, I use to perform a burlesque routine to this song as a bird of paradise complete with the most divine bird pasties (nipple tassels to the mortals!) that cost me a pretty three figured sum to have made but the sparkle and beauty of them is so pretty! (Edge of Seventeen and Go Your Own Way were the other two songs I had routines for too!)
Fleetwood Mac for me is a band I discovered in my late teens and and boy did I wanted to be Stevie Nicks! But that's a story for another time!

Always - Bon Jovi

I be honest, I'm not a huge Bon Jovi fan but this song just captures things for me right now with how I am feeling and the energy of it all.

And I will love you, baby - Always 
And I'll be there forever and a day - Always
I'll be there till the stars don't shine Till the heavens burst and The words don't rhyme 
And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind
And I'll love you - Always

I am however loving Bon Jovi's Dead Or Alive...or rather the Rock of Ages version...

I'll tell you something - Tom Cruise is actually pretty good in this movie! And got a decent set of pipes on him! Keep an eye out for Hey Man in the film! :P

What ever your reason for listening to music of late, may it give you peace and make you feel lighter in this crazy life 
Give these tunes a go!

What you been listening to of late that you can recommend?

Birdie Love

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