Saturday, 5 October 2013

Right now...

...I have blue hair and endless compliments!

...I'm a lover of green tea milkshake!

...I built a batmobile...even if it  is in lego....

...Bought too much craft stuff and fabrics at a recent craft expo....

...I'm enjoying the early signs of autumn with all its sights and colours it brings...

...i want to go mushroom foraging!

...I'm so happy I got pass the first and hardest stage of applying for a hearing dog for the deaf...! in love with her fur babies, playing together in a warm, snuggly house on a cold and wet night!

...loving this piece of ice cream fabric!

...i'm admiring how beautiful a quick doodle to try out some shrinkles looks...pretty! amazing is shrinkles?!...look how tiny it is now!

How life treating you all of late?
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Birdie Love


  1. Blue hair suits you! I am not brave/bold enough to go blue. One of my sisters had blue hair for my wedding 9 years ago :)

    1. didnt think blue would suit me, decided to give it a go as you only live once and hair can always be redyed! would have loved to have blue hair at a wedding! Would have been the bride's "something blue!"

  2. YOUR HAIR!!! You look so rad. And i'm loving the little shrink ki dink you made. I had so idea you could draw like that.

    1. aww thanks hun! I'm pretty good at drawing if i can say that, just dont get a chance to draw or showcase much these days. still want hair just like yours though!


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