Friday, 25 October 2013

ASOS Halloween fashion round-up!

Halloween here in the UK isn't celebrated as much as I think it should, and that is a shame especially since I think it's one of the funnest holidays on our calender. The good news though is over the years, we are slowly catching up with our American cousins and every year, Halloween is becoming bigger and bigger a more and more brits move to embrace all things spooky and dark.
And for that, I'm glad!

We are over-worked, under-paid and flipping run down into the ground as a nation and I think we need all the cheer and good times we can get and nothing beats dressing up, embracing the change of the seasons, enjoying the darker evenings and the colours, tastes and sights of October 31st!

A lot of shops and companies have now cottoned on this under estimated holiday and now there's a nice range of products in many shops. Plus its gives people a good chance to stock up on clothing and bit and pieces of a more darker and spookier nature if they are that way inclined, when they would be limited for the rest of the year in choices.

ASOS this year has a pretty good range of clothing and accessories items that are not so much of the costume but more of a wardrobe staple, perfect if you want something with a dark twist!

ASOS Halloween Sweatshirt with Glow in the Dark Skeleton
skeleton glow in the dark jumper £30

Image 1 of ASOS Bat Clutch Bag
bat clutch £18

Image 1 of ASOS Halloween T-Shirt with Ghouls Print
Ghouls T-shirt £16

Image 1 of ASOS Bats Jumper In Lambswool
Bats Jumper £45

Image 1 of Freak Of Nature Pinhead Knit Cardigan
pinhead cardigan £45

Image 1 of ASOS Pumpkin Beanie
pumpkin beanie £12

Image 1 of ASOS Spooky Cardigan
spooky cardigan £42

Image 1 of ASOS Pumpkin Across Body Bag
pumpkin bag £18

ASOS 80 Denier glow in the dark Skull Tights
skull tights £8

Image 1 of ASOS Sweatshirt in Stripe with Monster Sleeves
monster sleeve sweatshirt £35

There is more in their Halloween round up which is well worth a look! You can see the collection here
What I like about ASOS collection is the pieces can be worn all year around and are pretty unique on the market in some designs, away from the usual Halloween images/colours.
(the captions under each image are the links to the products themselves to save you time - are i sweet?! :P)

Another popular clothing company here in the UK is New Look who too have done a Halloween collection as shown below

Winter White (Cream) Cream Boo! Slogan Lurex Jumper  | 285639012 | New Look
boo jumper £22.99

Burgundy (Red) Burgundy Creepy Burnout T-Shirt  | 293824467 | New Look
Creepy t-shirt £12.99

Black (Black) Black Ghost Knitted Jumper | 284993901 | New Look
ghost jumper £22.99

Black (Black) Black Bite Me Halloween T-Shirt  | 298264801 | New Look
bite me t-shirt £7.99

Orange  (Orange) Orange Pumpkin Face T-Shirt | 295982280 | New Look
pumpkin face t-shirt £7.99

Black (Black) Black Glow Let's Hang Bat Halloween Sweater | 298264701 | New Look
let's hang Bat sweater £17.99

There's some pretty nice bits in the New Look collection too isn't there?

Overall, I think the Halloween fashion is pretty spot on and I'm glad to see more of it in shops. I mean, I treated myself to some Halloween themed socks and a "happy Halloween" t-shirt from Primark which I plan to wear to death next week! ( no pun intended!)

All that is left for me to say i lets enjoy this dark holiday all the more and Viva Halloween!

Birdie Love

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