Saturday, 19 October 2013

Right now...

  • My hair has gone wild! Re-did the colour the other day and it gone turquoise....erm...yeah....wasn't the shade I wanted! Turns out the brand I picked up had somehow put another shade in the box that wasn't the one advertised on the front of the box! Going back to my darker blue shade soon...hopefully the right one this time (after getting some free dyes sent as an apology!).   Though I do like the multiple shades of blue/green my hair currently is! It goes a "peacock-like luminescence that changes colour in different light" as a friend said. I think the need their eyes tested but I'll roll with it for now! ;-P  Don't worry, the "Jedward" style didn't last much longer after this picture was taken...I sported a sleek retro quiff soon after!   I don't mind the blue hair for now, I did it as I fancied a changed and someone said I should go blue/pink so they could find me easier at an event I was worked! It cheered me up as especially through my low spell of late, I've been receptive to colours and how they lift me out the gloom.  Don't think I will stay a blue for too much longer as it's expensive and time consuming to maintain as I hate having the colour fade out my hair or roots on show. Think it just becomes lazy and tacky then (but that' just me, I've seen too many badly maintained/dyed hair!), if you can't commit to the necessary hair maintenance when it comes to brightly coloured hair then it isn't for you! Maybe pink/bright red tips next time? thinking navy blue roots like I had before then leaving the turquoise at the tips for an ombre effect? Blue with dip dye pink tips? We'll see!
  • I went ski-ing! been ages and back in the days I was a pretty good skier and snow boarder. shame the venue where I skied at has gone down-hill and the experience was mired by a panic attack but I was impressed I still got the moves for most parts and did the big run a few times. Think I need to get my legs back though as they are aching!
  • I'm climbing back out of my mental relapse and bouncing back. no where near 100% and still shaken up and got work to do but it shows the intense therapy I was doing works, just need to find a new therapist since mine had to quit on health grounds. I think this downfall just reminds me i'm only human and still got a long way to go. What scary for me is I found out that some celebrities who had my mental disorder all died young/before their time in scary ways...Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse to name a few...I guess its ok to feel bad at times, it wasn't an easy thing for them or for anyone to go through of this nature. They just didnt make it as it got too much for them, I shall be another story and get better. Mental health is no laughing matter and it's a shame I still feel too embarrassed and scared to say what is wrong with me, despite it not being my fault. One step at a time!

  • I received a surprise parcel in the post this week from a friend! Inside was this gorgeous vintage embroidered fabric covered brooch and card and this hand crafted Superted Coaster! Mega Love! Made me so very happy for the rest of the day and lifted my spirits! Awesome!
  • Just changed some money into Dollars and getting ready for Florida! Cannot wait! Three months time baby yeah!
how is everyone?
wishing you all a great day!

Birdie love

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  1. Love that pic of you and your hair! You'll have a great time in Florida - I hope you'll get to visit Disney World :)


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