Monday, 4 November 2013

animation music videos

Now if you know me by now, you know I'm very partial to animation and of late, listening to music has allowed me to rediscover some excellent examples of animation and cartoons in music videos that span across the years!

The tunes are great but sometimes, the music videos are even better!

Eurythmics - It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)

Perhaps one of my all time favourite Eurythics song, this music video is so 80's, I can feel my hair turning into a mullet as we speak...!
Lennox looking positively...ethereal  in this!

Queen - A Kind Of Magic

Every music video done by Freddie Mercury is just sublime and amazing to watch, after all he is known for his flamboyant music videos in which he uses the opportunity to perform some of his dreams and personal wishes! Although this video isn't in animation, the use of it really elevates the whole video itself! Mercury, for me has epitomizes what immortality truly is about, even to this day, his looks and style in fashion, performance, vocals and videos are still imitated today and loved just as much now as back then.

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

I adore this song, to me this video and song and the overall ambiances up Linkin Park's early experimental and exciting years. The video is just stunning to watch, where the animated medium effectively captures difficult and controversial themes such as drugs, self harming, suicide and domestic violence. The overall effect just strikes you to the point you just keep watching. I love the scratchy animated style that adds to the tension and "breaking" as such. This is the video to watch!

Mark Ronson Feat. Lily Allen  - Oh My God

I wasn't a Lily Allen fan until this video came out, it just makes you sit up and listen to it as a Jessica Rabbit-esque animated Allen pops up on stage in all her chavtastic appeal and delivers what not a catchy tune but a well rounded video too. The drink and chair effects are brilliantly done as well as the audience reaction to "Allen" with her dangerous hips! From this point on, I has respect for Lily certainly if she could take a few laughs at herself!

There are loads more animated music videos out there that's likely to make another post one day!
In the mean time, is there any music videos worth a watch?

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  1. I love the OH my god film clip. So cute. My fave animated filmclip is by Green Jelly and it's called little pig.


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