Monday, 14 October 2013

Craft haul - Stitches '13

If you are a a regular reader of the blog or a follower on instagram, then you might know I have come back from a craft expo with a massive haul!

Stitch, Sew and Hobbycraft show is one of the major craft event on the calender in the south-west of England and every year I always try and visit and over the numerous years, I have built up a knowledge bank of vendors, shops and designers that are firm favourites and always on my list to check out once I am there!
It is also an excellent opportunity to see new things on the craft block and have the opportunity to purchase rare and imported fabrics and wares from abroad.

Oooooh my! All these wonderful goodies just makes me so excited to see them!

Some beautiful kawaii little wooden buttons, gorgeous edge binding tapes and the most wonderful catcus printed cotton that is brushed to the point it is the softest plans to make these into some pajama bottoms! 

Lace zips from Japan are just perfect if you are not confident on sewing in a zip or just tired of concealing it and want something sweet on show! These make excellent features on make-up bags!

amazing fabrics! I'm so in love with the ice cream fat quarter and that map of the world fabric....I just adored it so much that I had to have it though I don't know what I am going to do with it! And that black tattooed fabric...I've seen it so many times on the roll pilled uo high with many other fabrics but talked myself out of buying it, this time I caved especially when there was the last two meters left and the man confirmed it was a limited print and he couldn't get anymore of it...SOLD! 

I buy my glitter and glue for it from this expo, its the best one I've worked with and the glitter is so powdery fine and sparkly that its just amazing to play with! I'm half way working through sprucing up a par of white converses with the most amazing turquoise and pink glitter!

The most expensive fabric of the day at £14/15 a meter but just look at it! so beautiful no? And that orange trim just makes it pop! I bought it to hopefully make a skirt from it but I'm so nervous cutting the fabric up! I think it is destined to sit on the shelf for a bit until I stop being so frightened!

Aren't these ribbons so cute/kawaii/adorable? I'm in love!

fabrics and craft goodies always makes me a happy Birdie!

Birdie Love!

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