Monday, 25 February 2013

The Land Before Time...otherwise known as Torquay!

Hello! I recently attempted to break the January blues by a day trip to Torquay with some friends, where we had a chance to visit the Dinosaur museum there and generally have a laugh...
well we weren't laughing at the idea of this bloody thing...!
 Giant spiders?! Giant Shelob-like spiders that could hunt small dinosaurs?! Now I like spiders (I'm the spider-remover in my house) but even that put the heebies on me! Imagine a spider running off with a small child for its breakfast?!

 I think I'm gunna need some bigger spider-stomping boots here....

 Just taking a ride on my prehistoric you do!

Its official, all  archaeologists love haribo!

The museum had an opportunity to pose on a raptor as part of its merchandise and all patrons can see the wall of photos of previous visitors and perhaps the funniest picture of all is this...

 Funiest photo is of a dog riding a dinosaur? Haha!

We had a great time in Torquay, browsing the shops and enjoying a fish n chip supper. For some reason we found in the local branch of TK Maxx a massive, fleece lined croc shoe....why? Is there a one footed giant roaming the west country looking for appropriate footwear?
Crocs are the devil's footwear I say! I never seen them look good on anyone and with sales going down, I think the masses are slowly agreeing there!

I stopped to take the time to picture this wonderful window display, shame it wasn't Christmas no longer to really enjoy it but nonetheless, how amazing beautiful are they?

How are you all? I hope you are all well! I have just returned from my ventures to London with many stories to tell and share!

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