Saturday, 9 February 2013

opening of new blog -Sugar Rush!

Hi peeps!
I hope you are all well!

Yes as at the title states, I have another blog under The Bird's Nest Flagship!
Its called Sugar Rush and follws all things sweet and candy related since it's my number one passion!
remember that exciting, tingly, nervy feel you had when you were a kid in a sweetshop, trying to make a choice of what to buy?
Well that same feeling lasted to this day into my young adulthood and such is a passion I have, I decided to create a sister blog to share my journey there so not to distract from Bird's Nest!
Occasionally the two will link together and I might direct you to a posting from one to another but nonetheless, its all good!

Hope you enjoy and please bookmark and follow Sugar Rush here!

let me know what you think!

Birdie Love!

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