Saturday, 9 February 2013

Right now...

  • Is enjoying the sweetest thing, that is my new laptop baby! she is so awesome and runs so well! Zelda baby, I love you so! Right down to your last gigabyte!
  • Thse days, I have made the greatest discovery...choca tea! Yogi herbal teas are pretty awesome and intensely flavoured so none of that fruit tea that ends up tasting of wee...this stuff is addictively nice and smells out of this world!the flavour for choca is quite complex and so everyday for around 15 minutes, i have my own tea ceremony where I sit and enjoy a cup of this, inhaling the wonderful aroma, enjoying sipping it out of my little pink cup n saucer (and one of my home made cakes as you can see from the picture above!) and taking in the tastes that melts away into each other until you're left with a warm, tickle of chocolate on your tongue! Give it a try!
  • Therapy....ah, yes the therapy....well its going well though it is early days so far and its going to take years and lots of hard work to put right....yay!Its all so strange and scary and finding out more as well as starting to live with a mental disorder is heavy stuff I will admit. Like right now, I'm working on a therapy box full of things that helps soothes and distracts when things are depressing, low and suicidal.  The last few sessions left me upset and very angry with individuals and circumstances that have happened in my life. I'm learning that it is ok to be angry and given what happened in some case, it is certainly jusitifed to be angry...but on a productive level rather than simple resentment that is self destructive to yourself. End of the day, I'm slowly taking one step at a time...!
  • The house around me is slowly getting tidied and sorted. The clutter is being sifted through and gotten rid of, one way or another. Its easy for us to accumulate clutter as humans, but every once in a while we need to sit ourselves down and actually say "Do we need this? Really?" A person needs space to grow and rest and a time to let go of things that no longer matters to the a way, it is its own therapy and it is starting to feel good!
  • I'm booking and doing things ahead of the time. pretty much all of the tickets for things to see and do in London is sorted! (michel roux junior baby yeah!) Mothers day's gifts are boughts and Easter choccies are being stashed up whilst chocolate is cheap! I look at my calender and aim to do at least one social thing a weak with different sets of friends and so far, I've been busy and with many more things lined up for the coming months ahead! My birthday party all booked! Comic-con in the early summer! Family Holiday in november....I need it, I need to have things to work towards and to look forward to. Its a huge wide world out there, doing the same thing each weekend with the same people is ok for the short run but wheres that adventure and that self of self development? It is teaching me great lessons, and I have great friends and people in my life to learn those lessons with!
  • Medical side effects have cused me to put on weight and now I'm the heaviest I've been. Thankfully Im all cleared now to become more active in terms of sports and gym etc. Nothing too extreme or risky to the self at the moment but I need to start getting fit ready for my operations and surgery along with the therapy and rehab I need to do with the brain and ears... Its hard to know when That will be, appointments come out of the blue and I have to roll with it which makes booking things ahead hard to do! But the least I owe it to myself is to be in reasonable shape. I  dont understand people who let themselves go over weight to the point it interferes with their lives and complain about it, they are in control and yes it is hard! Life is hard! Owe it to yourself! So that what I'm going to do! 
 how is life for you all, my dear readers? I hope each and every one of you is well and happy at this time!

Birdie Love


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