Friday, 8 February 2013

craft share - I lurve you!

Yes I know, that time of year is nearly upon us....corporate love day as its called by my hubby and friends...or better known as valentine's day.
I've already got my gift, cards and a special little something sorted for the hubby on this day (I sorted it over a month ago - these days I work ahead of myself! Crazy I know!)
Love these days to me is a little over-rated and especially when its forced upon us as consumers to declare our love for one day of the year....theres another 364 days y'know?!

But don't let a jaded little thing like me stop you from all the luuuurve out there! And enjoy these little somethings!
Valentine Card - I Love Your Guts Zombie
zombie love you card
I love you to the moon and back small message box
love in a box

Personalized Ribbon 4 yards i love you ribbon personalized diy shabby chic wedding favors rustic wedding decor wedding gifts custom ribbon
love ribbon
"This ribbon just oozes romantic rustic goodness that is perfect for all styles of weddings & special occasions. This ribbon is hand torn by me, I fray each side to imperfect perfection, & then hand stamp it with your choice of words!" - ooooh J'adore the amount of work that gone into this lovely little piece!

Braille 'I LOVE YOU' stamped long Brass Pendant Necklace for men or women,  Anniversary Gift, Wedding Day, Boyfriend, Husband, MN 118
Braille I love you necklace

Birdie Love xxxx

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