Monday, 9 September 2013

Right now...

  • OMG! I'm sorry! So sorry for the lack of updates lately! Life has just gotten away with me of late and I kinda lost the mojo to do my usual things of late such as blogging. I guess time has allowed me to reach a frame of mind where I needed space to myself and to be ok to say "no! I want my time!"    I hope to be back semi-regularly as truth be told things have gotten busy around here of late and every minute is precious!
  • I'm about to do something truly geeky...In my home town of Plymouth, there is to be the first ever Dev-Con 1 sci-fi convention which had gotten much of the city geeky population in excitement! As well as going to the event...I will also be dressing up as one of my favourite characters who is beyond cool for me! I'm working in collaboration with another friend as we are dressed as a duo and the costume and parts are being order and designed as we speak!  
  • .....and no I wont tell you who I am going as! Its a surprise so you will have to check back after next week to see for yourself!
  •  And another bit of exciting news here in Birdie world is that soon I'm about to exhibit at a craft fair and make some of my ideas and The Bird's Nest official in a way and selling my crafted goodies to the public! Both scary and exciting at the same time and every day so far for the last few weeks I've been busy sewing, gluing and painting! The great things is its keeping me happy, occupied, my depression and mental disorder at bay and my creativity and inspiration is coming back! Even if I don't do well at the event itself, it will be I guess a great learning experience and a nice journey to enjoying and discovering a bit about myself. Nothing like getting your muse back!
  •  It's the hubby's birthday this weekend and I'm frustratingly not allowed to buy him any birthday presents as I bought him a holiday to feels so wrong and weird! I mean....there's nothing more than I like doing than giving a nice present to someone....! *starts chewing hands off*
  • Which leads me nicely to the big-headed-but-go-me! shout out...I have managed to pay off not one...but two holidays!  I paid off the Florida holiday in one great big stonking great whack (over a grand....*gulps*) and did it ahead of the deadline for payments by several months.  But Ive also paid off the weekend holiday where I'm taking my family away for an activity weekend which i'm pretty chuffed to bits about. Paid for a nice luxury lodge in the woods right up in the tree line so we can be eating breakfast with the squirrels! The family are looking forward to it and I'm starting the process of booking riding, tree-climbing and spa treatments for them all. It will be nice to have quality family time especially after my accident and things since.
  • The hubby has passed his driving test last week!...And on first go! Looking to buy ourselves our first batmobile...will be such a great experience to be out on the road and having some more Independence and freedom!
  • I really have got too much to post up here! Damn I'm sorry!
 I deserve a good butt kick don't I?

How are you doing dear readers? Thanks for your comments and messages whilst I was away!

Birdie Love as always

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  1. A trip to Florida? What an amazing gift. What a lucky man he is. Please day Happy Birthday for me.


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