Friday, 20 September 2013

Of pictures

Anniversary card from the hubby....thanks darling(!)

 Birthday supplies for the hubby....he loves this stuff and love Iron Maiden - double win!

 ...why I shouldn't drink and sew at the same time...!


Family day out in the woods where we...

rode Segways!

...I was scared....!   Being deaf means my balance is not great...which you need plenty of to ride a Segway well! The more they told me to relax, the more I didn't! (it doesn't work that way!)

Sitting in a tree den like a survival expert...I so totally am!

 Autumn is here!

Gave a beared dragon a nice warm bath - she loved it! (hence the blissed out face as i bathed her!)

Getting excited about wearing my Cosplay costume this Saturday at a convention! Boom! Can you guess who I will be wearing these grenades?

How are you doing?
Please feel free to share and link your "Of Late..." pictures! Love to see them!

Birdie Love

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