Thursday, 19 September 2013


Bit of a late posting but back in June for my birthday, the hubby and I went to Bath, one of my favourite cities to visit. Its' been an age since we last went (back when we were dating!) and I was very much looking forward to revisiting the lovely place especially as over the years I've grown to appreciate Jane Austen and her works which were mostly written and featured Bath. (But that's another post for another day!)

Bath was and always is a beautiful city seeped with glorious architecture, wonderful shops to titillate and seeped in history to roused even the bored out of their stupor to take in the sights.

I'm not really a Royalist through and through but the city was covered in banners and signs celebrating the royal baby and it lent itself to a wonderful atmosphere!

The shops are wide and varied in their wares, where you can watch in the windows fudge being made... a year round Christmas shop! (i think I'd go mad working in there especially in the summer heat!)

day time and night time view of the church from our window at the hotel

Part of the deal we had was a 2 hour session at the Bath Thermae Spa which was AMAZING!! A roof top spa pool with jacuzzi jets that came on at intervals and underwater seating so you can just sit and enjoy the view which was out of this world!

bath rooftop pool
There was a indoor spa pool and a room full of scented steam rooms...the place was out of this world and incredibly relaxing. The spa water is actually a natural thermae spring which drew Romans to its natural goodness and apparently the only place like this in the UK and most of Europe.
If you are in the city, this place is really worth a visit!

I never go to a city without checking out it's local craft shops! I loved this shop!
Fabrics as far as the eye can see! ( I so have to show you my stash purchased from here soon!)

friendly staff and a wonderful array of fabrics....heaven!

Oh Bath, I will try not to leave it so long to my next visit!

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  1. I love Bath! Some lovely pics there! I need to visit that fabric shop next time! Which hotel did you stay in? We were opposite a church too!


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