Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Birdie's facts about life...

Things they don't quite tell you about life...

  • Try as you can, you can never have the last word in an fact you might not even get a word in...or worst, they get the last word and flounce off before your mind even begins to think of something to say to the door as it closes!
  • That person that blocked you on facebook?....well they are still using their boyfriend's/friend's/pet cat's profile to check you out....(Hi cyber stalker!)  "Why?" remains a mystery especially since they blocked you in the first place!
  •  Money has more value in our head than it does in reality. It works in reverse too, reality costs more than we budget for! 
  •  There's people who simply love to complain about their lives, how it depresses them, how nothing they do changes things etc, how they always doing everything and everyone else is doing nothing...but they don't actually want anything to change. They are happy to carry on complaining and banging their head against that brick wall they erected and kept there. You could give them the solutions to their problems and they still wont take it. Insider knowledge for you - there's bigger issues behind all this they don't want to face and keep putting it off.
  •  We will always leave things to the last minute, whatever our intentions are!
  • You really, really cannot please everyone. Everyone will say "It's you decision, no one else's" but they often want you to make that decision in the best interest of them.  It's that wonderful unspoken "read between the lines" dialogue that exists! Your decisions no matter how small will always have someone disapproving of you might as well make that decision anyway!
  • We waste far too much time mentally, emotionally and spiritually on the people that upset us, nit-picking over things that has happened or believed to have happened to the point of obsession, rather than simply either addressing the issue straight on (No way! Are you crazy!) or just ignoring it and moving on (But....but... I can't!). There's some pretty amazing people in your lives waiting to be discovered!
  •   Someone who keeps posting pictures on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook or status' about how amazing their life is/how great their relationship is going is trying to divert your attention from the huge fault-line cracks running through their lives. No one is that insanely happy unless they are trying to hide something and fool themselves in the process that everything is ok! And chances are, they are deeply insecure to boot as well!
  • Every once in a while a close friend will stab you in the back/let you down/bitch about you. The key to it is to tackle it head on calmly (But I'm raging!), ask and listen to them, weigh it all up and decide if its worth letting it go or sadly letting them go...even for a short while until trust comes back. Hurts like hell but its a big thing in life that no one gives you the heads up on.
  •  You will never be 100% honest with everyone in your life. Everyone got their own secrets and thoughts they don't share. It's human nature and something we all are guilty of, despite making a big deal regarding honesty, we dont actually always say what we actually think or feel.
  •  You're perfectly entitled to say to someone "either put up or shut up!"   You know that friend who keeps saying "I'm fat, i will diet tomorrow and work really hard" (insert your own version) over and over again to the point you swear your ears and eyes bleed whenever they say can say back to them that you're tired of hearing it, its wasting time talking about the nice things/ its depressing you or that its even annoying you now and that they either actually do something about it or now just shut up. You be glad you did and often it gives them food for thought and a chance to analyse their behaviour too.  Go on, its ok to say something...
  • Just when you need it most, that battery in your camera/phone/hearing aid will always guarantee to go!
  •  Ladies - life isn't a romantic comedy movie/Disney film/Mills and Boon book...there is no happy ever after! Who actually knows what happens to Cinderella and her Prince Charming after the story ends?A man and a woman aren't always in love forever and ever...damn, I'm sure even he wants a break from you every once in a while! Just because you are together doesn't mean you have to do everything/go everywhere together...and holding hands whilst doing it! Stop waiting to be rescued and go be your own white knight that saves you!
  •  There hasn't been a "proper" original idea for a very, very long time. Everything has been done before, we are just recycling ideas and producing newer ways of showcasing them.
  •  You will be asked repeatedly as you go through life about your lifestyle why aren't you married? When are you actually having children? Why do you want children? What are you doing sending them to that school? Why are you a working/single/divorced parent?   Heads up - it's not going to matter what you say, they will find something to tut about! There's no right or wrong way of doing things, as long as everyone is happy, healthy and awesome you're doing it right! What might have worked for them might not work for you and its likely its not even what you want in the first place!
  • Your parents/family/people you look up to, admire and respect - they get things wrong too. No one is perfect. We are only human. The next time your parents opinionate something, just bear that in mind along with the fact there's only one person behind the wheel of your life and that's you!
  •  Sadly, there's not such thing as "normal" me, I've checked high and low as well as millions of others!
  • We make far too many assumptions....since when did we become mind readers?! Its safe to safe, we can never be 100% sure we know what other people are thinking! There's only going to be one way for certain....and that's to ask!
  • Love can be a horrible thing as well as being an amazing thing. Things that have happened in the name of love can be atrocious. Our perceptions of what indeed love is can be very skewered at times!  Love doesn't always save you.
  • 'Sorry' sometimes doesn't make everything better.  It doesn't matter how much you apologise, sometimes you've gone too far to remedy it or make it ok whatever your intentions were. 'Sorry' isn't the magical, fix-all that wipes the slate clean all the time. We still have to live with what happened and sometimes we can't no matter how hard that can be to accept.
  •  The people who are opinionated all the time on TV, say what they feel/think, wittingly rude to others and suavely condescending wouldn't get away with it in reality. They are more likely to have little to no friends, poor social life, isolated and got a black eye from being punched. That kind of behaviour isn't acceptable in reality...its why it's on TV as it's entertainment! We don't live in a sitcom and behaviours and attitudes in the media aren't cool in think twice before you open your mouth whilst mentally imitating that sitcom actor....they are paid to be fake, cool, rude and say the things we wouldn't in reality, you however got to live with it and the reputation you create for yourself!
  • No matter how much you warm up/cool down after going to the gym or playing are always going to ache as hell the next day! Especially if its leg day...the you can pretty much write off the next few days and stock up on painkillers...!
  •  If you have to ask "Does my bum look big in this?"/"Do I look fat in this dress?" then you know the answer!
  • Those sentences beginning with "One day I will..." are really worth paying attention to...they are very likely to be your dreams and goals in your life and the very things that could make you happier that you been searching for.
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