Sunday, 22 September 2013

Lady Deadpool Cosplay!

My home town of Plymouth hosted it's first ever Sci-fi/Comic Convention, Dev-Con One
For years i wanted to dress up and cosplay as someone else but there were many reasons (isn't there always) why I didn't do it.

So I thought with this year being the first convention in this city, just go for it. You only live once and I've done far scarier things than this. Who cares if I'm a little chubby? Who cares if I'm deaf?
sod it! Just do it already!

So I went as Lady Deadpool!

A friend last year for Halloween came to our party as Deadpool and ever since, I wanted to team up with him and just have a laugh!  (he's the perfect guy for doing just that!)
He went as Deadpool himself whilst I went as his female sidekick.

Photo: Today I cosplayed as lady deadpool...! Im on the left with boobs as deadpool politely pointed out... -_-

The place was heaving! Young and old, many dressed up and those who weren't were taking pictures!
Our costumes and partnership went down very well and we were stopped countless times to pose for everyone

perhaps the best part of the day was another Deadpool cosplayer coming up to us just after we suited up and between the three of us,we just fell into routine which went something like this....

random deadpool cosplayer - "Deadpool!" 
*points at my friend*
"And Deadpool...!"
*looks at me then looks at my chest*
"..."with booooooobbs!"

Photo: Deadpool and batman

Managed to catch up with a good friend who had the hard job of cosplaying as Batman in a very tight cowl and extreme heat...the poor guy was sweating so bad and I completely sympathise as even in my morphsuit, it was boiling!


Alot of this pictures of myself with Deadpool are fan pictures taken by others on the day which showed how well received we were! Happy days!

It was hard work creating Deadpool....the suit took forever to paint up carefully so the paint doesn't go though to the other side of the suit but thick enough that you don't see too much red when the material is stretched.   I nearly teared my hair out over this I swear...

I had to buy "weapons" and military belt which all came in the wrong colours and got several coats of matt black spray paint which then worryingly left the play guns look a bit too real....we were fine on the day though!

But I tell you what was not fingers!  Even as I type this four days later, I still got black fingers from the spray paint that just wont budge no matter how long I scrub away with white spirit!
So I'm currently unintentionally sporting very emo-looking fingernails.....grrrreat!....


To paint the face and neck, I had to be creative and use a "caterpillar" shaped balloon which made it so easy to draw up and paint on...even if I could see its creepily smiling face staring at me through the material...

All in all it was a great experience and I strongly suggest to you readers if you have doubts about doing something like this yourself for whatever event - just do it! I was a bundle of nerves and could hardly sleep through the night but the pay-off was brilliant, it exercises your creative skills and builds confidence in ways that I can't begin to explain!

So from Myself and Lady Deadpool, I wish you a great day and see you next time!

Birdie Love

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