Saturday, 21 December 2013

Right now...snapshots of life

I recently got round to crossing somersetting off my wish list and made for my grandad's birthday, some chocolate and Guinness cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...
the recipe was taken from Nigella which you can find by clicking here
Its so very yummy and the flavour is just amplified by the Guinness which gives it incredible depth and richness...I think you need bake and taste it yourself to appreciate how words cannot capture its flavours!
I will say that for the third time since making a cake to Nigella's recipe, it's been the third time that the frosting has gone wrong.
You read the quantities going into the cake frosting for all three vastly different cakes and you think " much liquid is going into this?!"....cue sloppy frosting that slides off the damn thing....Nigella's recipes are excellent for the cakes themselves but I never trust the recipes for frostings so use at your risk - try reducing some of the "wet" ingredients to help, you can always add more if too dry.

I made my hair into a hair bow inspired by hello kitty! And I can't believe my hair actually did what it was suppose to for once!
A hair sculpture! Teamed with a new blue dress that's very 50's....I automatically gone for the pin-up look baby! (hence the typical pin-up "cheese cake" facial expressions....ahem....sorry about that!)
I think a future will be coming as well as a link or three on how you can do this yourself!
I went to my Christmas party that night and knew I looked good and the compliments that came, confirmed that!

Hairbow for the win!

Christmas makes me think of sugar and spices and a recent meal out where I had churros for dessert has left me appreciating a sugar and cinnamon dusted fried dough....who wouldn't?!
So one night, the temptation was strong, will power was weak and I was in a creative mood, i set about making churros myself and have to say, these were a great success! They are hand rolled then fried in a little oil as opposed to piped out, hence their "gnarly" looks but they still got all the flavour especially after being double rolled in the sugar/cinnamon mix......DEVINE!
A bit time consuming - especially since I had to fry them in a small pan, watched carefully as I don't have a fryer and have notoriously bad luck with oil, but these babies can be easily made once you have the confidence and the art of controlling the give these a go!

I made this quilt! My first ever quilt! I gave it to my mum...and that there is a slice of my dad's home baked Victoria sponge....the man is a gifted baker! Seriously, you cannot believe how good his food tastes!

A Dave from a Dave!
A friend called Dave gave me Dave the minion for christmas....I've banned myself from buying myself any minion related goodies until I go to Universal Studios next month and visit the minion labs there. Otherwise I would have gone overboard by now....Dave is my favourite Minion, just that sweet and shy nature with his back to back craziness is endearing and adorable and to be gifted him from a good mate is all the more excellent!


Making regular trips out at the moment to catch up with friends and exchange gifts with everyone, I think this year has taught me who my dear ones are to me and even though we can't always be there for each other all the time, I know they are there...its quality over quantity and I've learn to relax with that. You can't always have a crazy and active social isnt real and you need a break!

I love this really does for me sum up its the little things in life that gets you smiling and happy!...Like tiny gold star sprinkles on top of your hot chocolate!

A painting I did in about 3 or so hours from start to finish of a friend's doberman as a christmas gift for her. Hope she will like it! I'm not 100% happy with it but considering its the first time I've painted in ages, I think it's pretty good going and a confidence boost in a way.
I know I can paint and draw better than this but my hands need to re-learn how to hold a pencil or a paintbrush and my eyes need to remember how to look and gauge shadows and lines.
What you think?

I hope you are all well - please do link me to your instagram/blog pages! I love to see them!
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be great to see you!

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  1. YOU HAIR!!! You look so amazing. I love the bow!!!!

  2. awwl thanks hun! no where as awesome as yours but i can dream!


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