Sunday, 1 December 2013

Of pictures

I had a brilliant time taking my family away for an activity weekend in a little luxury lodge. I worked hard and saved money and paid for it and made sure everyone had a great time. We did horse-riding, archery, fencing and tree-top assault course as well as swimming and have spa treatments. One the sunday we had a huge christmas-style dinner as we knew we werent going to see each other much over the festive month and had presents I gave to everyone and enjoyed table top games, home baked food such as the profiteroles by me and the bagels by my very excellent dad! It was a great weekend and a great time building memories and good times! I'm proud of myself for organising and pulling off what was a great little get-away!

Love this picture of one of the last glorious days of indian summer

Went with my godson for his first ever visit to Santa!....he was more fascinated by the lights than the man himself...!

The nights have gotten colder and everyone is already snuggling up for cosy warmth...including Indy the piggy!

Went out with my girlies for a girly lunch which was brilliant as always especially to catch up with them and consume lots of wonderful food!

I really been enjoying this change in the seasons, especially with my mind set of looking and taking in the small things for what they are and enjoying the beauty they offer. Be it natural beauty...

artificial beauty...

Beauty from the streets...(its a real banksy!)

...and beauty with my loved ones and all the things we do.

I got to meet one of my heroes a few days ago! I'm so happy I got that chance!
I met Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a British celebrity chef, tv personality, journalist, food writer and campaigner for "real food" and the owner of River Cottage franchise/restaurants. He inspired a lot of my cooking to date, and because of him I now always look and ask where does my food come from, the welfare of animals as after all healthy animals gives good meat and to date he is the sole reason why supermarkets now primarily stock free range chicken and eggs. He knows we cant be organic and vegetarian but he asks us to respect all food and enjoy it at its best. He also for me, inspired seasonal cooking. Why would you cook something pass it's best our of its growing season and we are all so badly out of touch with where and when our food comes to us. Total respect to this man! plus...he loved my hair! (i had a fan-crush and blurted out "I dyed it for you Hugh!" total cringe-fest!)
Made my day, week and month for sure!

Oh...and my bangs are back!

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hope you are all well!

Birdie Love to you all

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