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little things that caught my eye...craft share

Its been a while since I last done a craft share...never fear! I got another one here for you as I know how much you enjoy them!

There isn't a theme but just some beautiful little pieces out there that caught my eye and this time, they are from Folksy - I want to promote home grown talent that create and work here on the British shores!  Etsy has all the limelight and deservedly so, but i want to give it's crafty British cousin a shout out!

Upcycled Bed Sheet Dress
up-cycled dress
I'm in love with the beautiful dress and more so in love with designer Eleanor Bland's inspiration behind the creation of this lovely garment!
"After being assigned a presentation subject of "recycled fashion" at university, I decided that instead of just talking about the subject, I would try my hand at making something and the bed sheet dress was born. It was from this first project that my love of upcycling started and eventually grew into Re-fashioned!
I try to retain the original features of items I upcycle where I can, to allow the wearer to appreciate what their garments started life as. This design retains the corners of the fitted sheet it started life as, using them to create a cute hood and puffball skirt."
This is so beautiful in such a delicate and ethereal way and I cant believe its made from a bed sheet!

Plate-spinning, hula-hooping, ball-balancing circus rabbit.

This lovely little lady is just so very sweet but the little story written by creator, Fiona Sant goes one step better!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Miss Lily-Mae the Precarious Precision Plate-Spinning Hula-Hooper: a rabbit with balancing skills that are as extraordinary as they are unnecessary. She is most definitely one of a kind. Cool as a cucumber, poised as a petit-pois, she wields her stripey red and yellow poles & spotty red and yellow hoops as if they are mere extensions of her fluffy paws. Two white dinner plates (ok they're actually made of papier mache) spin as fast as you please on the tips (yes, they do actually spin with a little help from your fingers.) All this whilst balancing on a circus ball! "

I'm not always a sculpture or figurines person, but for Miss Lily-Mae....I could make an exception!

Snowflake earrings - White Topaz Earrings - Sterling Silver - Free Shipping
snowflake earrings
William White's beautifully created snowflake earrings are stunningly simple, clean and so delicately beautiful! They very much capture the ambiance of winter and its snowy flurries. I very much can't stop thinking of these little beauties!

Royal Blue Porcelain Epaulettes
porcelain epaulettes
"Inspired by Military decoration of costumes in the National Army Museum, Chelsea. The moulds are made from stitched fabric epaulettes and the buttons from my Grandma's collection from when she served in the Wrens."

OMG! I'm in love with these little babies!I never knew such a thing existed but damn, I need them!
Military smartness but with a delicateness and fragility to them...I like the contrast! I also very much like the way Katie Spragg captures the stitching detailing and uses button from her Grandma's collection...you're taking away a little part of her family history with you which is a beautiful touch.

Magpie Moth brooch
moth brooch
The thing that stood out for me was Diane Butcher's choice of colours and fabrics for her brooch. the blue is just stunning and the ruffled edge just makes you want to reach out and touch it so bad! The design and embroidery of the moth is just a beautiful touch. Such a wonderfully tactile piece you can see staying in your jewellery box for years to come.

Crayon skirt
crayon skirt
"My girls are always colouring in and this handy skirt means that they always have all of the crayons they want within reaching distance."

I just look at this lovely skirt and wish I was a kid again! I could have total made use of this!  They say children have great imaginations but I think Caroline Oden who the creator of this fantastic piece has a great one of her own! ....If she ever designed a range for women, i'd love to see it!  After all, we all need to please the child in us  from time to time!

Piggy bank, money box
piggy bank
I cant stop a giggle when I see this cute little piggy's face...the wide eyed surprise and the puckered lips....

"The Piggy bank is made from stoneware buff clay, The body is hand thrown on my wheel and later the ears, legs, curly tail, slot and eyes are added. When dry, after about a week, the pig is fired in my electric kiln, cruel I hear you say...well yes, but necessary. The animal is then glazed before it's second firing to about 1240 degrees. A day later, when cool, a cork is added and then off to market! "

Excellent work Peter Walsh, and the fact that your piece of work are inspired by your new grandson is just a lovely and sweet touch! Enjoy every moment with your grandson!

Fairisle Blanket Grouse
fair isle blanket
I adore that shade of green and that lilac contrasts it like heather on the moors...such a wonderful, earth selection of tones that makes you want to snuggle into its warmth. And Rachel Collins who created this, couldn't have said it better...

"Nothing feels like Scottish Lambswool. I want to celebrate our British heritage and our home grown natural resources. It's better for the environment and better for the economy"

Well said! Come on Britain!

Silver pencil necklace. Artist, Teacher, Note-maker
silver pencil necklace
My primary school class mates thought all HB pencils belonged to me as my initials were too, HB. Little did they actually know it stood for the grade of the pencil lead...not that I would correct them as my pencil case was forever full and I have some pretty cool pencils too! 
Because of this, this little pencil necklace made by Abi Watkins, it just endears to me very much. Isn't it the sweetest little thing?
I can't be the only one who think of school days when I see this little piece am I?

Please do check out these wonderful craftsters' work galleries for more examples of their talents and others on Folksy! There's some amazing talent on this little island and it all deserves a special shout out!
Nice work everyone and keep it up and keep that crafty flag flying for Britain!

As always, 
Birdie love to you all!

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