Sunday, 6 January 2013

right now...

  • is ill, ill, ill....with the novovirus that i caught from someone i suspect....Any day now I will start to feel better, i swear i will! I've forgotten what it is like to actually feel well and normal now! If i'm not headachey, I got the fever or stomach pains....grumble, grumble, grumble...
  •  Is excited for London baby yeah! Going to the capital in february for a few days and I'm already got a few things in mind I want to do. Visiting the British musuem is a must! I also want to try lunch or dinner at the pearl restaurant where its interior is designed and covered with pearls. I always wanted to go since it first opened and I was a little girl! It featured recently as one of the challenge in the finals of masterchef 2012 which reminded me of my ambition to visit! I also will be heading straight to Hoxton Street monster supplies shop -  a truely different type of shop! And to pick up a small box of macaroons from Laduree (somehting I always wanted to do!) from either Burlington Arcade where the rich of the rich shop (we once saw Andrew Marr walking by!) or visit harrods or their new shop in covent garden.  I'm also looking to book a fabulous dinner and burlesque show to keep myself in the loop and catch up with the lovely ladies and divine talents! Lush! I cannot wait!
  •  I shall be heading off for a spot of wasailing later on this month! I'm organising for a group of frieends to gather, share cider and bless the local orchards for the year ahead and partake in the ancient tradition that is native to the south west of england!A rare and little known tradition but one I cant wait to see and share here of course!
  •  Is so please that my muma is starting her new job next week! She deserves it!
  • impatiently waiting for a huge order of books to arrive that I bought on-line in the sales! One cannot wait!
  •  Is being organised and is also organising to go back to London in May for a comic-con, something we used to do yearly and decided to resurrect and have a good time with friends on this road-trip!Me thinks a group tour and visit to Shaftesbury Avenue is needed again and maybe I might meet up and see my old friends Derren Brown again (those in the know will know!)! ;P
  • Got so much pictures to upload on this blog! Where do I start?!
  • Is planning ahead for the year and looking at some weekends away staying in lovely towns and in some lovely hotels, boutique accomodations and the likes...
  • Tidying up after the aftermanths of christmas! I been spoilt this year and can't wait to get my crafty flair on (once this bug goes!) and put my newly acquired tailor's dummy to good use!
  •  Is deciding whether to sells some of my collections of vintage fabrics on Etsy so to downsize and save money at the same time?....I shall think some more and see if I can bring myself to part from my hard-earnt stash!
how are you? how is your year looking ahead?

birdie love

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