Saturday, 5 January 2013

breakfast at princess birdie's!

New Year's eve...I was perfectly happy to stay at home...truth be told, I wasn't feeling great and depression was kicking my little birdy butt...
So to be dragged out, I didnt have long to get ready and so pulled together a little something for the party that actually made me look good enough to welcome in 2013!

 proof i can never remain lady-like for very long!

  I love this bracelet that says "love like you never been hurt" on the outside and inside of it.
 An awesome real leather silver belt that is made in britain I picked up for £3 from TK Maxx...bargin!

 This is my first attempt at the beehive of this nature and i have to say, it looked great and I recieved a lot of compliments...guess I need to stop under-estimating my hair styling powers!
 My hello kitty piumps making their first outing!

 I just shoved the tiny little tiara in as a last minute addition and immdiately channeled the glam of audrey hepburn from "breakfast at tiffanys"!

At the party, I was given a little gift of a tiny hand made totoro that was made and sent from America...thanks to good old Etsy!
I'm mega-chuffed with him!

dress - monsoon (bought at a bargin sale!)
hello kitty pumps - local discout store
tiara - bought at camden market/handmade
belt - TK Maxx
Bracelet - River Island

I don't look too bad for someone who got ready in under an hour with no intention of going out that night, do I?

Birdie Love

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