Friday, 4 January 2013

new years day dinner!

My absolute favourite resturant in the world so far is Yukisan!
Yukisan in Plymouth was the city's first japanese restuarant and rather than be a standard run of the mill restaurant, it set the bar highly for wonderful, atmospheric scenery with out of this world food made freshly to order.
To go to Yukisan is a treat and one i reserve for special occasions with my hubby, good friends and sometimes for that special "me-time". (i'm not afraid to dine alone, i like my own space, even if this makes me a bore!)

The one dish I want in the world where ever I am, it would have me drooling as soon as you mention it...

Grilled cheese maki
Yes, i grant you it unusual but damn it comes together so beautifully and yummy!
It reminds me of, for some reason of a McDonald's big mac (in a good way), the way the wonderful flavours all melts together in an addictive rainbow of flavours. How could I be so classy to compare such a delicate dish to a brassy take-away burger?! I know!
But several people who have had grilled cheese maki as well have also remarked it made them think too, of a McDonald's Big Mac! So I know I'm not the only one!
grilled cheese maki is the one thing I order everytime I go. No one is allowed to have a piece unless I rarely offer them (after all, birdie doesn't share food!) it would indeed be one of the last things I eat for my last meal! (and a slice of my dad's homemade victoria sponge cake!)

 grilled beef Yuzu salad....this too is something I would always order, its so light but packs a punch in such wonderful flavours. the beef is wonderfully grilled and seared, with a tang of charcoal that really kicks up the flavour a notch, colliding with the sweet, tangy dressing sauce. Its a salad you can't afford to miss!

 this time I tried a new dish, udon in soup with beef steak.....mmmm.....superb! I'm usually a ramen girl but udon is also a specialty i try from time to time...i really do have an obsession about noodles!

dessert was green tea ice cream. like my hubby says, "It shouldn't work but it really does!"
Sweet with a wonderful bitter taste along side it, it goes down well and really is something else on the menu you should give a go!

 A walk home via the barbican was just as wonderful as the meal, the air was cool but not cold and the light was turning into dusk.
I love how the boats in the harbour were all bobbing quietly on the waters and one even had festive lights strung up

Its a nice start to the new year!

Birdie Love


  1. Grilled cheese maki! Sounds intriguing and delicious! I must try it if I come across it. I love Japanese food too :)

    1. if you ever make it to plymouth, consider me as your tour guide and i shall take you there! x


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